Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Update Ishita Decides To Save Her Family


Hello all as per our before update there is a leap year twist in the serial if you haven’t checked that update check it below.

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Taking A Leap Of One Year

After this twist many other twists are in row.

Raman meets Ishita and Ashok as his new investors

Now Ishita is with Ashok handling meetings with Ashok and duo are new investors of Raman Bhalla. Ishita was hoping to see her family and meet happily after long time but Raman forgets who is Ishita? He only knows that they are investors and behave like that.

After meeting Raman Ishita is wondering

After meeting Ishita is wondering about Raman’s different behaviour.She thought after two years Raman is behaving like he doesn’t know Ishita before. She says Ashok that something is wrong, probably he has been hypnotised.

Simmi and Param’s Phone discussion 

Simmi calls param to inform that she is returned in Raman’s life. she talks about her hate for Ishita and her children. She wants to suffer them. Simmi tells Param that if Ishita will know that they have been handling Raman with wrong medicines doze then there will be a big trouble for them. Param replied her to be calm.

Toshi accuses Ishita’s mother Madhu

Now Param knows about Ishita so he told all things at Bhalla house and now Toshi is not control and she accuses Madhu for not revealing that Ishita is not in jail now. Madhu tries to defend telling that she doesn’t know and now she come to know because of Toshi that Ishita is in Budapest with Ashok. Param thinks that Ishita must hiding something.

Adi informs Alia about Ishita

Alia is roaming in Budapest alone and she is missing Adi. After little time thinking she will apologize adi she spots Adi and apologise in smart way. Adi’s heart got melt. He tells her that Ishita is in Budapest with Ashok. Alia get amazed.

Alia meets Ishita

Ishita is talking about her felling for Raman with Ashok. Meanwhile Alia come at that place and tell everything to Ishita about Bhalla house condition.

Conclusion :

In this update all we can say is that that Ishita is prepared with all circumstances after meeting Raman and Alia and decided to save Bhalla family from Simmi. For more stay tuned.

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