Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th Nov 2017 Written Update : Ishita Tells Ruhi To Stop Raman’s Medicines


Raman tells Ishita to don’t Insult Simmi

The Episode begins with Raman asking Ishita is she threatening Simmi. He says you are our financial specialist, it doesn’t mean you speak with my sister like this, if you’ll talk such I’ll break this deal, you need to apologize to her if you need this deal, my family is my priority. Ishita says I would prefer not to end this deal, I m sorry. He says I m sorry, however that shouldn’t happen again. She says I will be careful. He goes.

Simmi Debates With Ishita

Simmi giggles and insults Ishita. Simmi says I hope you that you understood that my brother is in my control, I simply let him remember the things that I need, you both got separated then forever. Ishita says we have old record, we always come together, nobody can come between us,we have a bond of seven births, our love can’t end.Simmi says Raman and you can’t come close once more. Ishita says I can anything for his life, you are harming him to take revenge from me, your time is over at this point. She clears out.

Romi and Mr.Bhalla meets Bala and Appa to solve issues of Romi and Mihika

Romi and Mr. Bhalla come to meet Bala and Appa at an eatery. Appa responds seeing them. Bala says at least speak with them, Romi loves Mihika, we should help them. Mr. Bhalla agrees, Romi is embarrassed, that young lady blackmailed him, I know Romi well, he loves Mihika a lot, he doesn’t want Mihika to go from his life. Appa agrees and tells Romi that I’ll not tell Mihika to meet you. You’ll win her heart on your own.

Shagun Shows Concern To Ruhi

Ruhi talks with Shagun. Adi follows Aaliya. Shagun says I m putting attempts, why are you… Ruhi asks did you ask me some time recently, don’t connect suddenly. Aaliya says I shouldn’t have come here, Adi acts awful, I hate him. A man welcomes her and says you are from India, ain’t you, I have a thought, you can accompany me to the club. She proceeds.

Stranger Man Tells Alia To Come With Him To Club

Ruhi says when I required you, you and Ishima were not there, I m truly finished with it. Shagun sees Aaliya and goes to her. Ruhi says when they have no interest in my life, for what reason do they act. Aaliya says you don’t know me, leave me, you can’t touch me. The man requests to her go along. Adi comes and scolds the man. The man clears out. Aaliya says thanks to Adi. Adi says I would have done this for any young lady in your place, this isn’t a kiddish thing to end the relationship, I have numerous issues at home, if you don’t leave your habit, at that point, it will destroy our relationship. Shagun asks are you folks fighting. Adi says nothing, simply some conflict, we need to go to Simmi, kindly don’t tell this to them.

Ishita asks Ruhi To Tell Raman To Stop Those Medicines

Ruhi asks Ishita for what good reason did you call me here. Ishita says I need to talk in regards to work. Ruhi says don’t request that I gel up with Raman, that is it. Ishita says I will tell you something for our business’ benefit, Raman is given some destructive pills, you need to stop him, he may consider you important, if you do this, it will be useful for business as well, you need to give him different pills, your association will be helpful in the event that you do this. Ruhi approves and takes the pills. Ishita thinks even Aaliya could do this work, however I need Ruhi and Raman to connect once more, I trust this gets convincing.

Amma Gets faint recalling memories

Amma goes to the old building to gather some bank documents. She sees Bhallas’ house and remembers those happy moments. She gets faint. Romi holds her and asks are you fine. He yells to Neelu for water. Mrs. Bhalla turns out and sees Amma. Romi takes Amma home.

Raman Meets Ishita

Aaliya tells everybody regarding the old church. Ashok and Ishita see the family from far. Raman sees her and gets her out. Ishita says you here. how could you know I m here, we came here for a show. Raman says why not all go along with us. Simmi thinks Ishita is acting innocent, she is following Raman. Ishita asks are you tailing me. Raman says possibly I would have tailed you if I recalled things. She giggles. Ashok thinks to make Simmi away.

Ashok And Ishita Tricks Simmi and Ishita Spend Some Good Moments With Raman

A man informs Simmi regarding Parmeet’s call, he told about some crisis, heart attack.Simmi says I have not phone, do you have a phone. He says no, you need to make a call from an open stall. Ishita says this 70s drama works. Ashok says I took her phone when she kept her sack close washroom, I paid my driver for that, don’t stress, go to Raman. Ishita expresses gratitude toward Ashok. She rushes to Raman. Do haseen tann mann ka… .plays… . They walk around the market. She sees Adi and Aaliya fighting. She sends Raman. She supposes why are they fighting in the center of the market.

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Amma thinks of Ishita. Romi gives her water. Parmeet looks on and thinks Ishita is disturbing Simmi there and Amma is here, I need to stop this. He yells Neelu, I won’t have food today. Simmi calls Parmeet. She asks who got heart attack, you called driver. He says no, I didn’t call anybody. She says I knew, Ishita did this. He asks did Raman take pills. She says no, I will go now and give the pills. He says she is exceptionally intelligent, go and watch out for her. He stresses.

Precap :

Ruhi stops Raman and says you don’t need these medications, you will have this one starting now. Simmi asks Raman for what good reason did you consent to Ruhi. Raman says because Ruhi is my everything. Ishita says everything will get fine by time.



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