Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th Nov 2017 Written Update : Ishita Debates With Simmi


Ishita and Raman Are talking and Mani paid all Loan Of Alia

In this episode, Ishita asks Raman whether he is buying something from here for the family, Raman tells that he will take things for everyone, listening to which Ishita starts to laugh a lot. After this, Mani appears to pay all the debts of Alia and asks that man to stay away from the house. After that, the man takes all the money and gives it to the Parmeet and they think of spoil the family.

Ruhi and Alia’s Talk On Raman’s Behavior

Ruhi asks Alia about Raman and Ishita. Alia asks her to come back to his father. Ruhi remembers how Raman had stirred up her life and had removed Nikhil from her life forever. Ruhi says that perhaps her fate does not have to be found in love.

Picture of Romi and Mihika drinking alcohol

Alia takes a coin from Adi and throwing it into the water, asks for a wish. Alia prays for coming along with the whole family as before. After that, she goes from there and tours the city. The picture of Romi and Mihika is drinking alcohol, at which Mr.Bhalla yells at him. After this, the Romi tells them that Bala is ready to help them in this matter, then Bhalla tells Bala to come home and meet him at the same time.

Raman And Ishita’s Talk

Raman and Ishita talk about food and then Raman finds his medicines. After this, Simmie comes there and gives her medication. On this, Ishita calls Raman out for any work immediately.

Mani calls Adi To tell About Alia’s loan

Mani calls Adi, he tells that the entire loan of Aliya has been repaid. By saying all things to Aliya, Adi says to leave these bad habits and say that the man should not come to demand money from his house.

Debate of Ishita And Simmi

Ishita debates with Simmi about the medicine given to Raman. Simmi tells Ishita that she is harassing Raman because she hates Ishita. On this, Ishita tells Simmi that she will let her out of the house. After this Raman also comes there and is very angry with Ishita how he can talk like this to his sister.

Conclusion :

Alia’s loan and Raman’s medicine is current topic continuing in serial. When Raman will not take medicine and will know all about her sister’s plan and Alia’s loan matter will over, these things are yet to come. Stay tuned for more 🙂

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