Movie Review : A Must Watch Vidya Balan Starrer Tumhari Sulu


Story Line

  • Sulochana (Sulu) is not less than any Indian Wonder Woman in her middle class lifestyle. She wins all the race wins of spoons and lemon in his son’s school and throws her scarf back like a cape.
  • Her twin brothers/sisters always comment on how she does not have a formal degree, but it makes no difference in her optimistic homemaker attitudes.
  • Sulu finally gets a job for Late Night RJ. Her husband Ashok (Manav Kaul) is quite a supportive.
  • Slowly, Sulu realizes that this without face stardom is affecting her household, and this does not mean that parents should not be responsible. Her brother/sister also raises questions about her. Now the question arises whether Sulu will simply leave everything.


  • Suresh Triveni has done a magnificent debut. They keep you from the first frame in the life of Sulu. Every character of the film can be easily connected.
  • With the great fun, you’ll see the bitter truth of society in the first part of the film.In beginning, a film has comedy and romance and after an interval, slow melodrama begins.

Actor’s performance

  • In the beginning of the film, Vidya Balan fits perfectly in the role of Sulu. She gave a fantastic performance in the film. You will not see Vidya Balan in the film.
  • Manav Kaul is also a very supportive and loving husband or an intrinsic husband who is good in his character. His chemistry is good in the film.
  • Neha Dhupia is very well-versed in the role of Vidya Balan’s boss.


Technical Review

  • There is no fancy location in the film. Saurabh Goswami’s lens has captured a simple family.
  • Editing of the movie is also good.

Public Review


IMDb has rated this movie 7/10 but as there is more connection we can see with our character from this film, audience loved it.Of course, you must watch Vidya Balan’s great performance in this movie.Let us know what is your experience with this film in below comments. Stay tuned for more movie reviews:)



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