Shocking! Hina Khan will be out of the house this week?


TV’s beloved ‘daughter-in-law’ Hina Khan Now has become such a member of Big Boss’s house, who is the most talked in a house. There is a lot of criticism about her behavior on social media too.  Benafasha, Sapna, and Heena are in the nomination list, out of which Benafshah was supposed to go out but where anything is possible in the Big Boss house. Reports say that this week, Benafasha is not going out of the house. Yes, you read right, this week Hina Khan, a member who comes out of Big Boss’s house, will not be out of the game.

Actually, if reports are to be believed, Hina will be taken out of the house and kept in the secret room for a few days, from where she will be able to see the whole house. Hina will be able to come out of the house to see what changes in the house after her departure. What will people talk about her behind her at home? After this, when Hina returns to the house, the fight will start which it is certain.

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News about Hina’s departure from Big Boss, to be a lot of shocking for her supporters Sapna, Priyank, Benafasha, and Love. There is going but the game is still very close to twist.


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