6 Side Effects Of Too Much Sleeping And Remedies


It is very important to take full sleep to stay healthy. Normally we all should sleep for 8 to 10 hours. Healthy people are filled with enthusiasm despite sleeping less. The time for sleeping should be right. Lower sleep or more sleep both have a bad effect on healthy ones. Late until the body increases laziness in the body. But many people ask what happens to much sleep. Let’s know the side effects of sleep for a long time.

Side Effects

1. Having Depression

A person who has long been sleeping becomes easily victim of tension and depression. Brain power decreases when you sleep more than 9 hours. The brain becomes sluggish, causing the body’s energy to be lost. If mental health is good then you do not sleep unnecessarily and leave laziness.


2. Weight gain

Late sleeping also includes weight gain. Metabolism is slow while sleeping. The body spends too little energy. As a result, fewer calories burn. By which the fat starts growing in the body.

3. Imbalance in biological clock

The biologic clock becomes unbalanced by much sleep. Through which the laziness increases in the body, there remains laxity throughout the day, the mood is bad, headache, lack of concentration, back pain and body aches along with fatigue.

4. Heart disease

Due to sleep for a long time, there is a risk of heart disease. Sleep less than 9 hours. When sleeping, we should sleep by left side. It does not load on the heart function and blood circulation is good.

5. Fear of Diabetes

Much sleep doubles the risk of Type 2 diabetes. So keep the body active and fit. So that you can complete sleep in 8 hours and avoid diseases.

6. Chance of death

Many people believe that the much sleep is invitation to death. But this is not true. Lots of loss of longer sleep are, but also your age is become longer with it. To live long life, the body should be kept active and balanced.

What is good sleeping?

In Ayurveda, any kind of imbalance in life is the cause of the disease. Because of sleeping till late you’ll have dreams. Dreaming in sleep is not a good sign. Having a good sleep means you feel power and energy in the body after sleep has opened.

Good sleep remedies

  • Eat on time
  • Avoid heavy meals at night
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat two hours before bedtime
  • To get good sleep, plant some plants at home

Conclusion :

After finding out the loss of more sleep, it can take 15-20 days to make a habit. Slowly reduce sleep time. By which sleep can be completed in 8 hours without having to dream.




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