Movie Review : Kapil Sharma’s Firangi An Average Movie


Who does not know Kapil Sharma’s name? Of course, the best artist of comedy Kapil won the hearts of the country by his comedy. Kapil always says one thing that the comedy is a serious business, after watching Kapil’s movie ‘Firangi’, there is a desire to say one thing very hard that,”Kapil acting is also a serious business!


Surprisingly, the King of Standup Comedy, Kapil Sharma performs amazingly in his show but when it comes to acting, he kills badly there. ‘Firangi’ is an example, film production is a team work and if the team’s any one player is weak then the entire team loses.

Story Line

  • The story of ‘Firangi’ goes like this.There is a small village in Punjab, where manga (Kapil Sharma) is living. When he reaches the other village at his friend’s wedding, he falls in love with Saragi (Ishita Dutta). In the meantime, unemployed manga gets the work of orderly due to his skill. Meanwhile, the king makes a secret plan to grab the land of the villagers and Manga gets trapped in it!
  • Will the people of the Manga’s village get back the paper of the land? Will the king cancel his order to vacate the land? ‘Firangi’ film has been made on all this plot.


  • Director Rajeev Dhingra is close to the highest rank in all his departments, but if he succeeds in removing the performance from Kapil Sharma and the film length is reduced by 20 minutes, the film would be on a different dimension. For one of these 2 reasons, a great movie has changed to an average film.
  • The film’s production design is amazing, the story of director Rajeev Dhingra is also enjoyable, the screenplay of the story is also great.

Actor’s performance

  • In acting, Kapil Sharma’s acting is flat. If he wants to do further films then it is important to pay attention to his acting! Presenting performance on stage and presenting the skills of acting ahead of the camera, both of them is a separate profession.
  • Kumud Mishra as Raja was fully on film. In every scene, he worked nicely which takes the film to a different point.
  • Ishita has very few dialogues, but she has recorded her strong presence in the whole film. Enamul Haq Rajesh Sharma and Anjan Srivastava, a strong actor also managed good.


  • The music of the movie is good!

Technical Review

  • Camera work is awesome!
  • There was a little more work to be done on editing. Production is excellent.

Public Review

Conclusion :

Overall ‘Firangi’ is an average film. If you are the fan of Kapil Sharma, then you will definitely enjoy this movie. ‘Ek bar to banta hai’..Stay tuned for more updates 🙂


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