Movie Review : Aksar 2, Weak Erotic Story With Suspence


Story Line

  • The film starts with rain (because it is a suspense and thriller film). You see a middle age woman who is running on the streets and strikes with a car. That umbrella shows in the air and credit begin in the film. You will hear a word ‘Will‘ in the entire film, but in fact, nothing is fun in it.
  • The story of the film is about a millionaire woman Dolly Khambata (Lilette Dubey) living in Mauritius.She tells her financial manager Pat (Gautam Rhode) to hire a Governance.
  • After that, there are many types of hot moments shown in the filmPat somehow convince Dolly to hire Sheena. After that, you already know whatever happens in the film.


  • Instead of a job, Pat is asking for a favor and threatens her to get out of the job if she refuses.Sheena has to listen to him because her boyfriend Ricky (Abhinav Shukla) is going through the poor condition.



  • In an interview, Director Anant Mahadevan often spoke of the suspense thriller of old fashion, but in reality, this is not at all.
  • There is such a dialog in the movie like “Watch Your Back..It can be appreciated and there is also a knife.”(watch your par shabashi bhi milti hai or khanjar bhi..).
    Another one is “who were here too went … who is here also will.”(jo the vo bhi chale gae jo hai vo bhi chle jaenge..)
  • On many occasions, the narration of the film completely bothered you. There are several confusion in the film, which increased by Mahadevan.

Actor’s performance


  • Zarine Khan has appeared in a lot of tight dress in the film and you will also be surprised in many places. In many places, in the film, you will feel like they really need a makeover.
  • While Gautam Rode has not been able to show anything special in the film, Abhinav Shukla has been locking the lip in his screen time and performing body flows. Many times you will be sad to see Lillet Dubey in a strange way.
  • There is also Sreesanth in the film, who looks like if he is walking in sleep.



  • The music of the film is probably the most disappointing one.
  • You will not miss any song in the movie like Imran Hashmi-Udita Goswami-Dino Mario starrer was superb. It was often on top of chartbuster continuously.

Technical Review

  • One thing that is good in Aksar 2 is the location of the film which is perfect for vacation. But this also does not succeed in saving the film.
  • Editing can be more good for the movie.

Public Review

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Conclusion :

IMDb rated it 6.6/10. Watch more Aksar 2 movie review and rating here.Well, this rating is maintained because of erotic thriller and sex scenes in the film.Watch one time if you don’t miss any movie.You can give it a try but please don’t blame me. :/


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