How To Use Salt For Beauty And Household Chores


Salt is useful not only in daily life but also in beautifying beauty. Both chloride and sodium are found in the salt. Salt is an internal need of the body, as well as useful for keeping the body clean in the exterior form. Salt is also used in many other domestic works, such as clearing the bouquet, cleaning the fish tank and keeping the flowers fresh.

How to use salt?

Use in beauty

Always, both men and women are looking forward to look beautiful. You may have read many beauty tips for this. Do you know how to use the salt to look beautiful –

  • To clean the teeth, add two pieces of baking soda in a piece of salt to clean the teeth.
    When the eyes are swollen, add salt in some hot water and clean swollen part with it.Thus you get relief from the scratched portion.
  • If you have tiredness in the feet, putting one teaspoon of salt in hot water and putting the legs in it will ease the tiredness.
  • After sore throat, putting a pinch of salt in half glasses of water will help relax.
  • After bathing massage the skin with dry salt, the dead skin releases and blood circulation get faster. Skin also get glow.
  • Massage the olive oil (olive oil) and salt in equal amounts for facial cleansing and massage with light hands. It cleanses the face, it also shines.

Some other uses

Not only does beauty work but also many household works, cleanliness, health and food preservatives. Let’s learn how you can use salt in domestic works –

  • To clean the bouquet, add salt in water and stir it well and shake well. Then clean it in soap and water. This eliminates the scars of the bouquets.
  • After adding salt in coconut oil in the winter, soapless bath with lukewarm water makes the skin soft.
  • Pouring apples, pears and potatoes in cold salted water, they remain fresh for a long time after peeling.
  • After beating the bee, wet that part and cover it with salt. Pain will get instant relief.
  • To check the fresh or stale egg, put two teaspoons of salt in one cup of water and put the egg in it. The rotten egg floats while the fresh egg sits.


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