Big Boss 11 : Weekend Ka Vaar 12 Nov 2017 Vikash Shilpa’s Patch Up


The weekend ka vaar episode of Big Boss 11 was full of excitements. Bollywood acting powerhouse Vidya Balan came for her movie Tumhari Sulu’s promotion. She played an interesting game named BB Radio in the house with contestants and again some controversies created with games.

BB Radio Game

BB radio game was played by Vidya Balan in a house where Vikas, Shilpa, and Vidya were RJs in this game and they asked some questions to their housemates.

Question For Bandagi And Punish

Vikas ask them that is there love true or they are acting? Bandagi confessed that she loves genuinely Punish.

Next question to Hina Khan

Vidya asks Hina that is she similarly calculative in her real life as she is showing in a house? As expected Hina got angry and said no.

Shilpa then comments that Hina took lots of time to do her make up. In reply to that Hina taunts Shilpa that it’s in their profession.

Teasing Hiten Tejwani

Vikas teased Hiten by asking him question about Arshi that when he’ll accept Arshi’s proposal. Hiten replied that he will never. Then Vikas asks Arshi when will you leave him alone and Arshi replied it’s impossible for her to leave him alone.

Vikas Chooses Arshi Khan Over Priyank

It wasn’t fair enough that Vikas has done according to some housemates but as it is game and Vikas is playing a game in a house and that’s why he told that Arshi is my best friend in a house.

After BB radio game Vidya came out of the house. Then Salman Khan took a class of Hina Khan and Priyank. Then Salman asks Akash that why he gave up his egg during captaincy task. Sultani akhada between Vikas and Priyank performed and Vikas won it.

Double Eviction took place

As all were expecting Mehjabi was the first eviction. In the eviction, Salman never evicts anybody without confusion. Like all episodes, he again announced Benafsha’s name in eviction and then told all that she is safe.

We can say there wasn’t a day of Sabyasachi because he was a second evicted contestant who was just enjoying his captainship in a house.

Patch Up Of Vikas And Shilpa

After eviction when all housemates were interacting with each other. Shilpa was crying under the table and then Vikas supports her holding her hand and told her that you are strong and I am by your side.

Conclusion :

It is really strange to see relationships in a house are changing day by day but it’s giving us pleasure to see Vikas and Shilpa are patching up.


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