BB11 Update 15 November : Vikas Gupta again proved him mastermind of the game

Bigg-Boss-11-15th-November- update-Captainship-Task-Winner-BB11-15-11-2017

Priyank And Benafsha’s Matter

Every day in the house of Big Boss, friendship and relationship equations are changing. In the morning, the whole house talks about whether Priyank and Benafshah were sleeping on the same bed at night. When it comes to Vikas, he asks Priyank. Priyank says that both of them had taken separate quilts and they did not do such a thing, but Vikas tells them in clear words that if I came to know last night that both of you were on the same bed then I would slap you at night and separate you.

Hina Khan also talks with Benafasha and Priyank and says she should not have done so. Hina tells Priyank that you should have called Benafasha to go to bed. Priyank seems to agree with this, but Benafshah says that she was upset from day-to-day tension and she wanted a tip from her best friend (Priyank).

Luxury Budget task Announcement

Big Boss announces the luxury budget task, and Hiten reads this task and tells everyone. In this new luxury budget task of Big Boss, Punish Sharma, Love Tyagi and Vikas Gupta had to wear dinosaur costume and reach the part where the pictures of the rest of the house were taken. At the same time, the three dinosaurs had to go to that place one by one and destroy those pictures. One picture could be destroyed at a time. For dinosaurs to enter that area was a major challenge and the second challenge was to make sense of whose picture is to be destroyed. The participants whose picture get remained will participate in captainship task. Hiten Tejwani has received the role of the operator in this work.

On Wednesday night, three dinosaurs decided to interact together. Punish wanted to save Bandgi, love talked of saving Arshi and Hina but when Love went in, he destroyed the picture of Arshi and Shilpa. After this Vikas Gupta went in and he said that Love is asking to destroy the picture of Sapna but I can not do it. Vikas destroys Hina’s picture. Sapna gets angry after hearing this and she herself goes and destroys her picture and goes to the kitchen. Hiten comes to the kitchen and says that she should not have done this because the members of the house were not allowed to tamper with the picture. He explains that this task was for the luxury budget so she should not have to do such a react.

Shilpa and Arshi talk about how much Akash has changed. Shilpa seems upset with the fact that Akash is talking dirty things about them and Vikas. Vikas Gupta has done the game in his favor in a way because he says that now Punish and Love will destroy any picture of anyone, he has no objection. Vikas told Luv that now he wants to save those whom he will save.

Love is very sad that Vikas destroyed the photo of Hina as he wanted to save Hina. Looking at the Wednesday night episode, it seems that Love has taken this issue on its ego and he looks a lot upset with it.

After this, the period of the luxury budget work expires. Vikas explain Shilpa and Arshi why they destroyed the photo of Hina. Now, in the episode of Thursday night, it is to see that Vikas, love and Punish will destroy whose pictures and whom will they make participant for captainship.

Conclusion :
Vikas Gupta always proves that he is the mastermind of this game and he is doing so well and intelligently that I am thoroughly enjoying it. What’s your opinion? Let us know in below comments. 🙂


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