5 Must Watch Indian Web Series


1. Permanent Roommates

Permenant roomamtes is a story about a young couple. This couple is having doubts about their relationship. Here Sumit Vyas and Nidhi Singh are as Mikesh and Tanya respectively. Commitment war is shown between duo in this romentic comedy. Then they decide to move in together.

Performance of both in this series is commendable. Thus there are two seasons of these series got so much attention in viewers and also TVF is planning season 3 of permenant roommates in 2018.

2. Pitchers

Pitchers is one of the best rated and watched youtube series in the world. Audience are waiting for this series season 2 but there isn’t any news we heard about that.

The series is about Naveen and his friends. Naveeen is a person who wants to be a leader in a company leading a projects for which he worked so hard but because of some situations he couldn’t so. Then he and his friends plans startup. It is more interesting story when you see your story in their story. Isn’t it?

3. Tripling

Well this series of cousins is must watch because you don’t spend all time with your life partners only. Right? If its yes then you need to plan some trip or some time to spend with your cousins that makes your life more colorful.

In this series name of cousins is one of the laughter element. Chanchal, Chandan and Chitvan where Chanchal is hopeless, Chandan is divorced and Chitvan is jobless. Why they are so? Find it in series.

4. Man’s World

This series is a what if story which isn’t in real world but here situations are shown what if that things get applied in real world.

Here Kiran is a person who thinks life is unfair to men. So he prays for his wish, he prays to interchange role of men and women. Here man’s perspective is shown. So its a must watch youtube series in our list.

5. Aisha

In this series there is the app developer named Sam. He is 26 year old and he makes a music app for his company named Future Lens. His boss Sid is not so well with him.

He is exciting to give a presentation on music app made by him but his boss Sid do not appreciate the work. While that Sam the genius developer make an app for his own secretly. Then what will happen if his boss Sid will find about that? Checkout series for the same.


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